Qobuz Remote Album Cover Slow or not available

ich use the lastet Audirvana (Dec2020) with latest Qobuz on a Hackintosh with older i3 4130T CPU 8 GB, 500 SSD.
MacOS 10.6 and also 11.1.
The Mac is connected via Gigabit Ethernet to 200 Mbit/s Fiber internet.

I have an issue with Audirvana Remote app on my iPhone 11. Desktop view on the monitor is fine.
Wlan speedtest 50 kbit/s on the phone. Connection to the Mac should be fast enough for remote control.

I can choose a album to play out of the list. The album appears correctly with cover picture and list of titles below. Pretty fast, no issues.
But the single file view with the timeline/playing time does not work at all or is very very slow. The cover is not shown at all in this view.

Everything else seams to work fast enough. Does the older i3 4130T miss a function set? While playing the CPU usage of Audirvana is below 1 %. Something seams to block the coverview while playing.
My old 2013 MacBookPro 15 plays everything, no issues with remote.
Many thanks

Hello @TimMayer,

can you make a screenshot while you have the issue and post it here?

  1. Pic Cover is correct
  2. Pic: No Cover and very slow but playing fine.
    Files are already in the RAM. Audirvana has about 4 Gigs of 8 Gigs memory. Almost no CPU usage.
    My i3 CPU has 2 Cores and 4 Threats, 4400 GPU, MacOS 11.1 runs without any issues.

I remember having this issue in Roon, but not with Audirvana. In Roon, I had to get back to album display to solve the issue. It was unnerving. I wonder if it’s got something to do with the iOS.

Do you see the covers properly in Audirvana?

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