Qobuz search function

Is there any way to sort the search results from Qobuz? If I search for Leonard Cohen I get 484 albums with a whole bunch of other artists that in some way made something with Cohen. I would like to sort out only Cohens albums. Is this possible?

Hello @Janne_Alanampa,

Do you mean you don’t get those results?

I get these

And when I scroll further down

I get the same results as you when I use the Qobuz app

Is there no settings for streaming searches?
I can only find Sort streaming user playlists.

I see the issue here. It’s because Qobuz display all of the tracks related to Leonard Cohen when you go on the Artist page (when he is the Composer, Album Artist, etc…). This is a metadata handling issue that has been here for quite some time in Qobuz and it is not resolved yet. They need to make change on how they link album to artists as we rely on them to do this and we can’t make those changes.

By default we use the sorting by Date but they have a two option on their app, they may have added it to their API but it may not be available for us.

Ok thanks for the explanation Damien!

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