Qobuz sync feature request

Hi. In some future version of AS for Windows would it be possible to implement some better sync process for Qobuz.

I have recently taken to tidying up my Qobuz account - I have had it for years and some playlists needed renamed/reorganised and my more than 1000 favourite albums seriously needed pruned. I wanted to move everything to keep into playlists by category, and Audirvana nicely allows view them as albums - perfect. And then reduce favourite albums to zero and only put in there real favourites and keep to a minimum. I’ve done this and now only have 8 favourites and nicely tidied playlists.

I started taking out favourites on AS Remote on my iPad but everytime I tapped the heart icon or chose Remove from Favourites from the three dots menu the app crashed. It did remove the album but this crash happens every time. So I have spent the last few days on the Qobuz app doing all these tasks.

However I see that AS does not rename the playlists or pick up on new ones until I close it and restart . Bit of a pain as I run AS on a headless NUC so means starting the monitor and hunting for my keyboard and mouse, but not to onerous a task. The real problem are the favourites - I still had over a 1000 in AS but as I say only 8 on Qobuz. The only way I could get this to change was to sign out of Qobuz, close AS, restart AS and then sign in to Qobuz again.

Am I right and saying AS seems to pick up on new things from Qobuz but fails to change edited items or delete those items I delete directly in Qobuz? That seems to be my experience so anything that improves on this would be great.

Interesting, will need to look for the crash as soon as possible.

When you edit the playlist name and press return, it’s not saved?

Can you please send a screenshot of what you describe here? :point_up_2:

Hi @Antoine Ok, on the second and third points in your reply - these have resolved. Since AS crashed last night I just left it closed and when I re-opened it this morning all the favourite albums I wanted gone are now gone, and the Playlists have renamed themselves as well (so it mirrors my Qobuz account now). I’m not sure whether it was the AS restart that did it or it has just taken all night for the changes in Qobuz to be picked up in AS but everything is as it should be now.

Unfortunately the remote app crash when I try to remove a favourite album is totally repeatable and happens every time - both on my iPad and iPhone. Do you mean you want to see more logs or the ones I already sent re the remote crashing AS in general? I should point out, it is only the remote that crashes when trying to remove a favourite album and not AS itself - that seems to be a separate issue.

The app restart might have help since it reload your Qobuz favorites when you open it.

The crash is automatically sent to us by Apple, we just need to find some time to look at it.

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