Qobuz voucher not valid in US

I tried to redeem my Qobuz voucher today and I get a message that says “You cannot avail of this offer as this code is not valid in your country.”
Any work-arounds or partial refund for the Audirvana cost?

Are we just out of luck with the Qobuz voucher in the US?

As said on the website, the qobuz extended free trial voucher is not available in the US.
I’ve asked my contacts at Qobuz about this issue, and it seems that for their US launch, they have unfortunately forgotten to include the extended trial period in their US contract discussions with the labels.
Until they fix this for everyone, I suggest you ask qobuz directly to grant you such extended period.

Thank you for the response. I had contacted Qobuz prior to posting here.
Their response:
“Sorry for any confusion. That offer from Audirvana is from before Qobuz was officially available in the US and is no longer valid. You can sign up at our website for a free 30-day trial to use with Audirvana. We are working with Audirvana to resolve this, but for now, we have no news. Have you mentioned this to their customer service dept?”

I always love when a support person tells “it’s not me, it’s someone else”…
Unfortunately I can’t generate qobuz vouchers for qobuz, nor not forget to negotiate with the US labels the extended trial period.

I understand. Thanks for your follow-up.

For not open another thread with relatively the same subject, I want to announce that the Qobuz voucher which I’ve got together with this player is, unfortunately, useless because the Qobuz services is not valid in Romania. The Tidal one worked perfect, but this one not. Is a little bit annoyng for me to have a free voucher and to not be able for using it.
@ damien , what do you know, is there any chances that Qobuz to put on their list of available countries, and mine?