Qobuz will not stream Hi-Res

Hi although my soundcard is 24 bit 96k and I can playback my personal library at those settings when selecting Qobuz Hi-Res it will revert back to 16bit 44k. I’ve checked my settings to enable Qobuz to stream Hi-Res.



I have the same issue. I have used the voucher for the free Qobuz trial, but even when I select ‘hi res’ source material, CD quality is all that is sourced. I, too, have selected hi res (24/192) in the Qobuz settings. Anyone have a solution?

Same for me (Hi-Res on local libraty and CD res on qobuz). However, I use USB Audio Player PRO on my phone and it’s the same so issue might come from Qobuz side…?

I have the same problem qobuz only playing cd quality in audirvana. what am I doing wrong ?

Hello @Twan, Can you check on Qobuz website if you can stream above cd quality?