anyone know what happened to Qobuz?
As Damien was fixing my extended problem with A+3 ie no sound except MQA material from TIDAL-Qobuz disappeared from my A+3 app and my desktop app and new WEB Player wouldn’t play load anything the Web page showed an error you couldn’t e mail them

Maybe you shouldn’t have a computer…

It is back now.
It seems there has been a severe issue on Qobuz servers today.

@damien: yes it was serious because they emailed me that my subscription had ended then emailed me that my subscription was valid and up to date but the previous subscription had been cancelled and there would be no charge for this one??!! i guess something obviously got lost in their translation
but thank you Damien for fixing my problem-ie the checking of that <RealTime… > box at the bottom of Audio Units preference page-EVERYTHING works again-bobbmd

@winders: scott don’t know if you are being sarcastic/funny or just being a pendejo(my CFO says same thing to me sometimes) in any case thanks for all your help at least you tried and i finally did get everything fixed bobbmd