Qualité audio entre mac intel et Mac M1


J’aimerai savoir il avait une difference de qualité audio dans audirvana studio entre les ordinateurs mac équipés de processeurs intel et ceux avec le processeurs M1?


M1 are already dead :grinning:
M2 are coming in Monterey 12.4
Intel still working…

If there is any difference, it’s probably in favour of M1.

I would be interested to better understand how a change of CPU may affect the sound quality. As soon as the current CPU speed is large enough not to introduce any delay or jitter in the audio flow, I do not see what could be the source of impact.
Maybe, beyond the CPU chip itself, differences may be induced from the system design, and the way the motherboard and other circuits are designed and manufactured. But, using the network layer with UpNp to transport the audio packets, I doubt that the impact from the source (Mac with Intel or M1) may impact the streamer/DAC at the other end.

Yeah, I kinda think that too.
I was just wondering if the new processors could have an impact on the audio signal. Logically I think not because it’s the dac that converts the digital signal to analog.

If you stream through Ethernet, there should be no difference between M1 and Intel Macs.
If you output through a USB connection to the DAC, the M1 Macs may sound better than some Intel models, because they are more silent computers.


When I upgraded from a MacBook Pro 13’’ 2017 (Intel) to the latest M1 MacBook Air about a year ago, I subjectively felt an upgrade in sound quality. But I didn’t have both machines in operation in parallel, so it may be subjective.

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