Quel mini pc pour Audirvana

Je me pose la question concernant l’achat d’un mini pc afin d’utiliser Audirvana. Cet ordi ne serait dédié qu’à l’écoute de la musique. Ne sachant pas du tout vers quel modèle tendre, je m’en remets à vous.
Ma musique est sur un NAS.
A votre avis, quel modèle, la puissance, la RAM etc .

Merci d’avance pour votre aide.

Bonjour Franck,
Je suis dans la même situation que vous.
Ma musique est sur un NAS QNAP et j’envisage d’acquérir un Intel Compute Stick qui sera relié à mon ampli Rotel en USB.
Avez-vous pu obtenir une réponse à votre question ?

Don’t go for compute stick, it’s more video geared. Get Intel NUC instead.

You need min. 8GB RAM. As far as processor goes, it depends on your preferences how you want to play music. Do you oversample, use processing plug-ins, etc? If not, any low end processor will do. Depending on how much processing you like to apply, you may want to go for a midrange Intel i5 class processor. In extreme cases maybe even i7.

Or if you prefer Macs, go for Mac Mini.

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Thank you Alex for your answer.
Actually my music is in FLAC format and stored on a NAS.
I was hoping to save the cost of a Mac mini and be able to opt for a cheaper solution.

On which device you plan to play the music? What DAC, streamer or whatever you plan to use?

Hi Alex,

The Rotel RA-1572 has a (powerful) built-in DAC.

Initially I considered a Bluetooth connection between my QNAP NAS and the amp.

2 drawbacks to that:
• Bluetooth limitation (it seems that the audio signal, although transmitted digitally, is compressed by the BT unless you have a dongle with the latest AptX HD version)
• QNAP’s Music application is far from being as user-friendly as Audirvana.

Have you considered Allo DigiOne Player.


Just connect the SPDIF to the Rotel and you can control playback from mobile devices or computer. You don’t even need Audirvana, but it supports UPnP so you’re ready if at some point in time you want to introduce Audirvana to the system.