Question about how a smart list works with the File Location

Question about how a smart list works with the File Location mode in Mac Mojave.

My music folder is on the Music disc.
I want it to include all the albums that appear from the artist Adele, which are found like this:

How do I then write the criteria for Audirvana on my Mac to run it correctly? So far it has been impossible to get it right.
Thank you.

Are your music files well tagged?
If you set a smart playlist to select all the files in the path containing “Adele” but they are tagged in a different way your playlist could contain other artists that are contained in the tags.

Sorry not at home now… this was answered by me at another thread…
change Music Folder, choose Adele for you.

Try this…

Select your music folder in criteria, then rename the playlist, then in the tracks view, add the field Audio File Location, stretch that column large if your paths are long, voilà! :slight_smile:

Thank you.
I finally understood how the philosophy of the file location selection criteria works. By testing your message, I’ve managed to get what I wanted.
Problem solved

My mistake was trying to use the Mac path: /Volumes/Musica/…
It doesn’t work. I think that because of a character table problem, it doesn’t recognize the barcode well.

Now I know that simply putting part of the path, like the folder name simply, and “contains” as a parameter, does work.

Why all this? Well, because there are certain musicians, especially rock musicians, who have CDs with other musicians, and although the TAGs are correct, the creation of a smart list in Audirvana becomes a little complicated to include those mixed CDs in the final selection, otherwise it’s creating very complicated option trees.

This is easily solved with the File Location option. You simply put those mixed CDs in the folder of the musician you are interested in including them, and use the File Location option to create that smart list.

It makes my organization work much easier.
Thanks again for your help.

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