Question About Tidal

What does the term under the Tidal account title mean?
In my case, it says “HIFI”, although I have a “HIFI Plus” account (and I specified “Master” quality in the multi-choice drop-down below).
Am I to understand that “HIFI” in this case means master (even if my MQA files all show 16/44 Khz in input), or is it a trick to push the curious in the Trial version to subscribe, before even tasting the delight of MQA rendering on their speakers with Audirvana? If so, I don’t see why I would necessarily take out a subscription before having tried it in my real conditions, because I only listen to my music from Tidal Master (I don’t have any files in local). I hope I’m wrong.

Hi @Malik,

The mention is HIFI because it’s the information they send to us. Before they rebranded their subscription tier, HIFI was the highest tier you could get.

Can you send a screenshot of Audirvāna Studio when you have this behavior?

Hi @Antoine
Here you are Sir

Waiting for your feedback :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi @Malik,

Are you playing this track to a MQA Decoder or Renderer?

I’m playing all my tracks to a MQA Renderer DAC. But it’s not the problem. As Audirvana Studio shows in the Left the file encoded by Tidal Master in my example, and in the right What it sent to the DAC depending of the settings in Audirvana and the capabilities of the DAC or the streamer.

What matters is what is displayed when you play the track. The information you see at the bottom left side will change to 24/96 when you play the track, which means MQA first unfold is done in Audirvāna and the MQA Renderer is handling the rest.