Question for License and reinstallation of windows 10

Hello folks, I wanted to know the right steps to take in order not to lose my Audirvana license. I have just acquired Audirvana, which entitles me to 2 computer licenses. I need to reinstall my Windows on one of my computers. To reinstall audirvana on my new windows “which is still the same computer, by the way.” do i need to remove the license in audirvana before formatting my PC?. They tell me I won’t be able to reactivate it for another 24 hours, though… thank you.

Hello @nXXo, when you mean by reinstalling Windows 10 you mean formatting and then installing Windows 10 again?

Yes I format my pc for reinstall windows yet

You’ll need to put your license key again then. Respond to this thread if you have any issue after reinstalling Audirvana.

OK before formatting my computer I took the license out in audirvana, but now they tell me that I have to wait 24 hours before putting it back on :frowning: is there a way around this?

Hello @nXXo, you should now be able to use your license in Audirvana.