Question re Album Covers for an individual artist

I selected an album and it displayed with several other albums by the same artist underneath. Although each of them had a different album title, track listing etc., they all had the same album cover. I then went on the Net and downloaded the right covers to my PC.

To change to the right cover for that album, I clicked ‘change’ under the wrong cover and then selected the right cover. Trouble is, as soon as I did that, all the ‘wrong’ album covers changed too!

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong here? How are you meant to get the right album covers if all of them change in unison every time?

Hello @bodger99, before doing this, have you only selected all of the tracks you wanted to change the cover?

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I’m afraid I don’t understand your question but maybe I need to make myself clearer:

Say a genre has one album cover [AC] repeated several times and I wish to change each of them to a different AC, how do I do it?

If I want to change an AC right now, I would click on the ‘wrong’ AC in the library view, the next screen shows the individual AC and its track listing, I would then bring up the AC on the right of the screen by clicking the small icon, click the ‘change’ button and import the correct AC.

My problem is, that when I change the ONE AC, ALL the incorrect covers AUTOMATICALLY get changed to the same AC that I just imported.

What is the correct way?

Can you take a screenshot of Audirvana before you make the change of AC?

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