Quick impressions

Thanks for Windows versions but…

  1. I didn’t have direct way to the play my files from folder via Windows Explorer. That’s pity because lots of my working files haves no tags, lots of my music haves tags which differ for one symbole, so I don’t need any sync procedures from Audiorvana, Jriver, Foobar whatever.

  2. Tidal menu shows 192 kHz on some MQA content (on the left side) but actually (on the right side) it sends 96 kHz to the DAC after unfolding.

  3. I have no access to the the tracklist of Tidal album. I must begin to play all album, so after that a I can see tracklist.

  1. If you prefer to navigate in your music using file Explorer, then you can directly drop files from Explorer into Audirvana Plus play queue.
    For this, open the play queue (button in the bottom right of the window).
    And drop the files to play there.

  2. Per MQA decision, only the first unfolding can be done in a software player. Further unfolding can be done only in a MQA DAC. That’s why it unfolds up to 96kHz.

  3. What if you click on the album cover, outside of the favorite, play, more buttons? It should open the album and show its tracks

I have installed my Beta and it sounds good.

Comments I have:

  • favorite tracks in Tidal: it shows only small portion of my favorites, like 50-70 tracks, while I have nearly 200 (I have a playlist with 400 tracks and they are all available, so strange there is a limit on favor tracks);

  • I cannot navigate Tidal from audirvana (e.g. add tracks to favorites); for Tidal management I have to use their app.;

  • my Schiit Yggy works very well with this soft: it 16/44.1 upsamples Tidal to 24/176.4;

  • quality of streaming from Tidal is very close to tracks played from disc;

  • in general prefer it over Jriver (now this will be used for photo);

  • Roon has nicer integration of artists from all sources, but is too expensive for me, while Audirvana is priced reasonably.

Heartily recommended soft!

  1. i prefer to assign a file extension to a specific application (like Jriver or Audirvana for example) and then just click and play and do not drag files to the window.
  2. Well I understand they make software unfold for 96 kHz only, but 192 not.
  3. Thank you, it was not quite obvious ))

audirvana truly amazing player the sound quality is amazing damien keep making more signal processing with highest qualty thanks audirvana :smiley:https://audirvana.com/forums/posting.php?mode=reply&f=11&t=1685#

When i drop files to the playlist why it always set to the top of the list?

Also I would like to ask about Tidal’s famous bug.
For some reason they convert the original masters 24/44 into MQA. Due unpacking it turns out to 24/88 with a lot of ultrasonic garbage - which are not presence in original masters.
Check last Kraftwerk or Duran Duran albums. How to correct this scheme and whether it is impossible to simply get back the original 24/44 via soft player?

Have you dropped the file in the middle of the list? If yes, then it appears there.
To avoid the MQA decoding in Audirvana Plus, set the MQA capability of your DAC to be “MQA Decoder” in the detailed audio settings (Click on the small Arrow right of the DAC name in the DAC selection popup menu, to access the detailed audio settings).

Otherwise, you can play the non-MQA version of the same album. Most of the time, TIDAL has both version.

usually i have full playlist and try to move cursor with my files to the bottom. So its always goes to the top of the playlist. Then I can’t change that cue by sliding on lines in playlist.

I’m asking not about avoid MQA decoding. I want to listen to 24-bit content via Tidal, not 16 bits.
Any 24-bit content in Tidal are encoded by MQA. We know that, they try to keep control on Hi-res masters, ok. Honestly, I’m satisfied with the quality of MQA-unpacking albums which are was recorded in native 24/96. But!
We have strange upsample on the MQA-decoded albums which are was originally recorded in 24/44. I was described above and shows on picture below. Is it possible to bring Tidal / Meridian directly to the problem and change the decoding protocol for 24/44 content?

one more notice - software doesn’t work with 32bit wavpack
i mean it can play 32bit wav, but not *.wv