Quicker way to scroll through playlists requested

Some of my local playlists contain hundreds of songs. Rather than scroll endlessly, can we have an alphabetical ‘jump-to’ feature on the right-hand side of the desktop windows (i’m using the Mac version)?

This feature would work on the current column selected for sorting.

I’ve mocked up a screenshot below to show what I mean - see the yellow section in the screenshot. This feature would be in addition to the scroll bars.

This will find a lot of support. I’ve made the same recommendation since this function is available on the audirvana remote.

How do you get Audirvana to incorporate basic functionality like this into a new release? None of my basic usability suggestions have ever made it into the product! I even had to write a Python script to check for duplicate entries in an Audirvana playlist.

Are there any Audirvana staff on this forum?

Feature requests are done in the section ‘User Voice Audirvana’. You write your feature requests there. People can vote for the request and (hopefully, with enough votes) the request will make it in a future release. I can imagine this has a practical reason. If the staff had to discuss every feature request with every forum member individually that would be an undoable task. Also, what you might consider a ‘must have’ might not be considered that way by others.

In my experience, when you report a technical problem or have an urgent question about functionality the staff responds quite rapidly (just look around in this forum).

Fantastic request, hope this will be addressed in upcoming version.

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