Quobuz favorites albums and artists do not display

AS 1.3, 1.4,1.4.5 , MacOS Big Sur 11.4

If I select “Qobuz->Favoris” then Artistes are not displayed (I have 577 favorites artists)
If I select “Qobuz->Favoris->Albums ->Voir Tout” , then AS starts an infinite loop (I have 1201 favorites albums)
If I select “Qobuz->Favoris->Artists-> Voir Tout” , then AS starts an infinite loop.

Does does anyone have the same problem ?

Hi Yes I do In fact the Audirvana Studio app is freezing completely when choose the Favourites on both Qobuz and tidal Have re stated and re installed but still happening Have good internet connection and using a new iMac as my core

I have had trouble only recently with bringing up my favorites on Qobuz through Audirvana on my Mac Book Pro with Catalina. Irritating and no response so far from either Qobuz or Audirvana Support. My favorites still come up on my iPhone and on Audirvana Studio.

Hi I am still on the Studio Trial and still the Favourites on Qobuz will not load The app freezes and I have to farce quit on my MacBook Air Having re installed and tried again and no response from Audirvana I feel I will give up when the trial is finished and go back to what I had before.