Radio aac. flux does not work

Only radio stations with mp3 flux are working. When I browse in Audirvana radio lists there are so many links starting “aac.” these links do not work


Same here. mp3 works but no aac stations. Stations with both mp3 and aac the mp3 one works but not the aac. Flac works

Thank you Gunnar. I hope Damien & his team will look into this & will solve the problem before my trial period expires.
And also, it is annoying to reboot very often Audirvana Studio as it crashes regularly without any particular reason.

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I tried several radio stations with both mp3 and aac streams and both work.
Here is one example of a radio station in Portugal with both mp3 and aac streams working:


Hi Cybertrancer, Nice to see that you can get aac streams. I am running Audirvana under MacOS (Big Sur) & you should be on Windows computer ?? Is there any compatibility problem !

Hi idleman2009!
This could be related to some combination of settings in the audio path on the Audirvana Studio configuration page. Other users have reported similar issues and even i had such an issue with some random error message about an “integer” yesterday. But i have been playing around with the options and maybe i found some more “stable” combination of parameters that now work for radio streaming of mp3 and aac alike…
I have set up mine like this:

Great! I have tried now the same channel on MAC and HighSierra. mp3 play perfect. aac will not stream. So on MAC aac do not work. Funny when aac is an apple format if I understand correctly.

Thank you Sergio (Cybertrancer) I have tried to manipulate all my settings in my MacBook Air (not IMac) but impossible to stream aac flux.
I hope Audirvana team will find a solution & let us know.

Hello Gunnar,
It most certainly is not an exclusive Apple format, even if they supported it fully in their products and OS.
You may want to read this, about AAC.

[Grwfsywash] So I don’t understand why it does not work with Audirvana/Mac ?
I wd like to know if someone has succeeded doing it with a Mac

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I am sorry, I cannot assist you with radio streams, I very seldom use those, and only for casual listening where sound quality is not important to me.

Same here on MAC. Hope this will change, because MP3 is just unaudible.

When will Audirvana Studio support Radio AAC files. There is no way I will subscribe until I know AAC Radio works.


the same for me on Mac Big Sur

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1.4 firmware of AS has resolved the problem. Now aac streaming of internet radio works.


Great. AAC works for me.


I can only find radio stations under:

Local radios
High Quality

NO stations under:

By genre
By genre
By location

Can you find any stations?

I am on High Sierra.

I am on Macbook MacOS Big Sur. For me I can find stations By Genre, Location & Language, but most of the stations are not available when you are looking for. You should try at different moments

Exactly the same for me.

Copy / Paste some of these perhaps