Radio error shows on first start

Hi, I am still Audirvana trial user, and there is error pops up when first start program.
Here is South Korea, probably the last “Ko” means region where program is running.
See the attachment, it said:

Radios link login error 500 for ?appversion=2.6.3%20%2820603%29&locale=ko:

How can I fix this?

have you log out of Audirvana… restart computer maybe, then login in again?

Yes, I did couple times. Same error always pops up.

Have seen this error when the radio services provider is having technical issues. Try again in a few hours.

This error was shows since I start trial version, almost a week ago. Everyday I start again Audirvana couple times, it always pops up. Until now. I think the regional server has changed address or something, and Audirvana didn’t get the changed address or protocol, that’s why login 500 error shows, but I don’t exactly know what it is… hope to fix this before trial expires.
Is there any official support personnel looking at this thread?

I think Audirvana support may not return until after the new year holiday so maybe on the 2nd/3rd January

Yes there is official support on this forum ( @Antoine ) reacting to problems, but it is the Christmas/New years holidays in France (and the rest of the world). You probably have to be patient until the beginning of January.

Yeah, for me unfortunately, it is end of year holiday season… so I have to wait until that.
Thanks for you guys replies…

Hi @vcastceo,

Do you still have this error as of today?

Yes, still this error is exist and pops up.
See attachment.

It is today, just now.

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We need to reach out to Airable about this.

Radio / Podcast is suddenly appear yesterday night, and there is no this error when I start Audirvana. Probably Airable has some regional or unidentified problems. Happy to see no error pops up when start program. I can listen radio station at almost end of my trial period! :slight_smile:

Hi @vcastceo,

sorry for not following up on this, the issue was sorted out by Airable when we reached out earlier last week.

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