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Does studio have a radio function like Roon ?

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You can try Studio a month for free and compare it to Roon yourself. Maybe that answers all your questions.


Roon radio is were say you stream from tidal you play a song and roon wil pick similiar songs.Its not radio stations which they also have.

You can stream Tidal and Qobuz also on Studio including the Tidal and Qobuz functions to offer you similar songs.
Maybe not exactly the same as Roon Radio, but similar.
In general Audirvana and Roon are similar on some points but can be quite different as well.

But as said. Just try it out for free and see for yourself how you like it. If you have any questions then just ask this forum.

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It works pretty good I think, like Andy said give it a go. Nothing to lose no credit card even required.


Have you tried to compare the “Radio” tracks you get from Roon when you play a Tidal song vs the Tidal radio song?

You can see this when you click on the three dot icon of a track on Tidal:

No i didnt and already used my free trial.Is there a function similiar if using my library

There is not such thing when you are playing local tracks tracks.

I purchased Studio.When I click on three dot icon on track in tidal don’t get this ? I can only get this through Tidal app not Tidal in Audrivana Studio ?

Jason, did you turn the auto play switch on in your streaming settings?

This is Qobuz but I think Tidal is the same.

Yes just checked settings it is turned on

So at the end of an album the “radio” function will start up and keep playing similar music, if you have the switch off when album over then silence. Is this what you’re looking for?

Yes sort of.Put if you look earlier inthis post I was told by clicking on the 3 dots by song it would bring up go to track radio.This option is available in Tidal app but not Tidal in Audrivana.

I’m unclear about what @Antoine was showing, I don’t have the tidal app but I’m thinking that’s what he showed us. Maybe there’s another way to start it up other than when the album or playlist ends. Let’s wait for him to clarify it. How you liking Studio so far?

I like it.Use it by itsellf and with HQPlayer.

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It’s normal, we do not display those track, we chose to only display them when you are at the end of an album for example for the autoplay:
Thick Skull is the last track of the album, in Audirvāna Studio:

The “radio” song in Tidal app:

Is this more clear for you?

Yes Thanks

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