Radios link login error

Hi, friends,
I start Audivana Studio then this message "radios link login error " comes out every time
How to tackle with it ?
I cannot find any items associated radios.

Luckily I don’t really use the Radio function, but have also encountered this problem today when starting Studio:

Same here. Received this message today and no sign of any internet Radio Stations on Studio.

It’s likely due to heavy traffic or too many requests.

This problem is sometimes encountered due to the heavy traffic on the Internet.

Hi guys, do you get this error regularly since the last update of Audirvāna Studio?

Yes, only started happening after the last Audirvana Studio update.
Internet Radio options are no longer displayed anywhere.

I started receiving warning messages at the end of version 2.2.7 ,1-2 days before releasing the update version 2.3.0

But warning messages don’t come up often. It depends on the uncertain time.

I also just started intermittently getting the radio error. Most times if I restart the app after a while I have the radio back.

I have the same problem after the latest updates, still sometimes my tidal stops loading tracks like my internet speed is 1kb per second, please fix it i have to restart audiorvana every time to make my tidal music load normally

Audirvana Studio is now working as it should with all my Radio Stations accessible and playable. :+1: