Random order in smarlist album view

I bought Audirvana months ago and I’ve used it quite little. The other day I decided to give it another chance and the news in this forum of a lastfm scrobbling script ended up cheering me up. Now I’m very happy with some of its features, adjusting some others and I miss some more, of which I’m going to make some proposals for the community to vote on.

The first one is this one of a random order view of albums on the smartlist. I organize my library by music labels and I think it would be easy to implement an option to have the albums of the ECM or Harmonia Mundi smartlist for example, or the general library, displayed in random order to take a look and find new surprises in the library. I think it’s a good idea, some other app offers it and I’ve seen requests for such a feature from other users in Roon, for example.

Thanks for your help and I hope the developers will consider this proposal.

I fully agree with Letra : I used Daphile before coming to Audirvana (the sound quality with upnup on my player being much better). I used the random album capability on Daphile, enabling me to re-dicover some of my albums in my library). I vote for this new feature.

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I would love to be able to play my albums in random order, BUT be able to play the entire set of tracks on that album in their original order (including tracks spread over multi-disc albums).