Random track selection when choosing an Album

I have a new and very frustrating problem with Audirvana Studio which is spoiling my enjoyment of what is in many respects a superb experience. I find that (a) the Play Queue cannot be edited - it has an enormous number of tracks in it, many of which I did not add and (b) when I try to play an Album (e.g. a classical piece with three or four movements) the tracks don’t play in “Track Order” but randomly. What on earth is going on? I have checked other posts and, no, I don’t think I have pressed the Shuffle button. This is the case with both Qobuz and local Albums. There should be a way to force “Track Order”. Where is it? I have the new Beta on one IOS machine and the existing “full” version on my iPhone

Hi @Fortinbras,

Can you please send some screenshot about the behavior you have?