Just coming to the end of my free trial and still can’t decide whether to commit. The problem I have is that most of the time if I change tracks the player stops. I then have to press play again and it say initializing device and then starts. Tracks flow normally from a plylsit but if I skip a track it nearly always pauses and re-initializes. I have sent debug report to support but nothing back since. Tidal direct or cambridge audio apps do not have this problem.

Streaming through UPnP? This can change with every version or firmware release.

Hello @Hugoman56, we found some issues with Cambridge device since they are using a non standard implementation of those features, that’s why it’s working in the proprietary app and can have issue with Audirvana. In fact you should ask if Cambridge have a firmware update of your DAC.

I have passed your comments on to Cambridge Audio and maybe they will tweak their end. I have to say though, I tried roon today. it works perfectly with Cambridge Audio with none of the problems I have been having with audirvana so maybe a joint effort to resolve? Note that your volume control overides the soft limit setting and nearly blew out my speakers when it went to full voulme (I’d set to 50% max). And their android app connects much better too. Keep up please :smiley:

I’ve just allowed app control of the volume control on my streamer. Tidal obeys the limit but nirvana, witrh limit set to 50%, completely ignores it and drives the pre-amp to 0dB. Could have been expensive!