Reactions to latest beta (14)


I installed the newest beta. A few observations:

The program is still very slow when you switch from playing from a library to streaming and vice versa. It sill freezes at times.

It typically takes more than one attempt to close the program. Often, when I try to close the program, nothing happens. Other times, when I try again, it either closes or freezes. Sometimes I find the most reliable way to close the program is via the task bar.



Thanks for the continued feedback, and all the data you’ve sent me.

From my investigations (including last night), optimizing the response time for such a huge Library of more than 350’000 tracks (more than 3.5 years of 24x7 continuous music playback!) will take time.

It may even not be ready for the initial commercial release, though I will continue to investigate until getting appropriate performance as it is currently on the Mac version.


Hi Damen!

I ‘only’ have 52000 Tracks ( 163 days playtime ) but I can confirm the slow behaviour and random freezes.

Don’t get me wrong: JRiver needs only 30 minutes to create my library and just 1 minute to check for chages ( added new album etc. ). Their library mangemant is excellent, needs less diskspace ( in my case 80 MByte instead of the 900 MByte A+ needs ) but the sound compared to audirvana for windows is poor!

Audirvana is the weapon of choice if you can improve the speed and the stability of library mangement. I’m looking forward to coming versions…

Keep up the great work!


Thanks for all of your efforts. I know that, in time, you will figure out the way to optimize a large library. In the meantime, I am hoping you can figure out a way to limit all the freezes and crashes. The longer time would be less bothersome if the stability issues could be improved.


Are those of you with large libraries accessing files locally or on a network? Just wondering whether this makes a significant difference?


One other question. What do you currently see as the limit for the number of tracks in a library?


I am currently accessing my data from a NAS.

Hi Damien,
Following the installation of the latest beta, I’m not able to run Audirvana in Demo/Trial mode. I just get at the start the options Enter License Key, Buy Now, and Exit.
Luis Oliveira

Continuing to see problems with the latest beta (1014) with the Merging Technologies NADAC+Player PL-8 DAC with ASIO driver:

  • Mix of white Noise and Music when Playing DSD tracks
  • Audirvana Plus not responding at times when switching from PCM to higher Sampling Rate, causing the driver to hang on a specific sampling rate
  • Audirvana Plus Sudden Crash when switching tracks sampling rate (going from DSD 256 to DSD128)
  • Some glitches when changing the sampling rate


I have around 100000 tracks on a network nas drive and my library also freezes while browsing