Reactivate Audirvana Plus Error


I bought Aydurvana Plus in 2018-02-12 from DIGITALYCHEE, your retailer in China.

Now, when I tried to input my license code in Auridvana V3.5.44 which downloaded from official website.
The error message said “There is no valid license available to continue execution of Audirvana.”

Could you please check my license and give me a download link which matchs my license code?

I don’t know where to provide my own license information.
Thus, If you need more information, please contact me.

Thank you very much!

Hello @natasha,

Can you give us your order reference of the purchase of Audirvana so we can find you in our database?

Hi @Antoine

I don’t know the order reference.
Could you check it if I provide License Name, Email and License Code?

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