Read only mode for library files


Is there a way to have Audirvana monitor folders but disable the ability to update any files (metadata etc) ?

I am running on macOS with local music files. I manage tags/library with a different program and don’t want to accidentally overwrite anything (or change file dates, tripping a backup).


You can create a share on your Mac and run Audirvana with a different account that has read only rights to the share.

Surprised there is not an inbuilt option, but thanks for the workaround! It should solve the library issue, I’ll have to be careful when manually loading other local files.

While you are managing your files in the other program, do you have Audirvana open?

Usually not updating files while playing Audirvana, but certainly could be in some cases.

The situation came up for me as I was listening to a DSF album in Audirvana and selected the ‘Recompute ReplayGain’. This wrote the values to the file tags tripping a backup of that album. I’d rather make sure that Audirvana is in read only mode (perhaps keeping things like replay-gain in it own database), so I don’t inadvertently change file tags.