Read only when trying to modify tags

When i am trying to change tags on my library i always have this error “can’t modify because read only files”
All my music is on usb harddrive
Thanks for your support


Can you check the properties of those files? If they are read only there is nothing that Audirvana can do. You should be able to change those files properties right clicking on them. You can do it for all files right clicking on the root folder

all properties of these files are not in read only mode

Did you check the parent folders too?

… maybe your usb hdd is formatted with a file system that on your computer/operating system is read only

no, usb harddrive is ntfs formated
i have found the pb : when audirvana is playing music i have read only message, if i stop playing music i can modify tags
It seems to be a bug of the software

I think it is a feature, not a bug
While Audirvana is playing it’s better to do nothing, and never add or remove album or tracks while it is playing … just for the db safeness

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