Reading PDF outside of AUDIRVĀNA suggestion

Suggestion to have a choice of reading the booklet outside of AUDIRVĀNA.

This enables the tracks to be available AND the booklet. This is a preferable method specially for classical files.

On Mac I prefer to read in Preview… see image

My WorkAround is to save the PDF into separate folder (A-PDF-copy) and have that open on right of screen. When selecting the pdf it opens on right of screen. I add the Title of the appropriate PDF in the top line of albyn description (B-00001).

It works…

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 2.27.34 pm

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Still a major issue for my enjoyment of Origin.

Please give us a choice the trigger whar program we want to read the booklet.

If executed inside AO the reading occurs but can’t be “attached” to to the album as played… Looking for motifs or other musical harscteristics.

It’s a practical use in order to increase knowledge of the listened to file.