Real Time Control Question

I just watched this video and it mentioned that for ultimate sound quality switch off Real Time Control. Could someone explain what real Time control is and what it does? Thank you


It shows the plugin you have installed moving in real time in a pop up window in front of your library window… takes more ressources i guess.

I didn’t watch your video, just my thought :grinning:

Hello @DonR

Real time allows you to configure the plugin while playing you music… so you an get the effect you want.

Yes, it consumes your resources


Thanks. Is the claim of improved sound quality with it disabled credible?

I’m to old to tell you anything about sound quality, but there is definate improvement in computer functioning because less ram used and les cpu activity.


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Realtime is realtime, during playback you can still change the settings of the plug-in. This is more flexible and in some cases also ensures that the music starts faster after pressing the play button. It also means that there is a continuous extra CPU load for the real-time plug-in.

I assume that if realtime is off then the plug-in will be applied while loading the playback buffer. Loading takes a little more time and CPU, but after that almost no CPU load anymore.

If you want to play to a streamer, realtime is not possible.

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Hi there,

I’m having trouble with a plugin in Audirvana’s non-real-time mode, and I’m trying to understand the issue. Would you be able to help me with the following questions?

  1. During non-real-time processing, what exactly happens to the audio data in Audirvana? Is it converted to a different format, analyzed, or modified in any specific way?
  2. Could you provide a more technical explanation of the non-real-time processing pipeline in Audirvana? What specific algorithms or techniques are used?
  3. Are there any performance benchmarks comparing real-time and non-real-time processing in Audirvana for different system configurations and plugin types?
  4. In what specific situations or with what types of plugins might non-real-time mode be preferable over real-time mode in Audirvana?

Thanks in advance for your help!