Really need to get to the bottom of why Remote looses connection

Currently trying out A+ and really love the SQ and interface. The only issue is the Remote app at random times looses connection with the server. I made sure everything is Ok based on the checklist provided here on the community but still random connection issues. Eventually the remote will reconnect but can take 15 or more minutes which is frustrating when all I want to do is listen to music. I also tried running an app on the server to make sure its always awake and ready including drives and network, still no luck. I really want to license A+ but this is stopping me from purchasing a license. It seems l’m not the only one experiencing this issue. If there’s anything I can do or provide to help resolve the issue let me know. I’m running a Mac mini headless with El Capitan and nothing else running, firewall disabled and connected via Wifi using an Ipad as remote with current iOS on same Wifi network. All A+ software is up to date.

Hello @sjj, when you are using the remote, do you experience some slowness in it when you want to make a search or browse from your local or steaming service?

Not really, The Remote seems pretty responsive when it’s working. I did notice a day ago that a device on my network was repetitively trying to connect to A+ on my server (based on MAC nettop command) so I loaded the third party firewall Little Snitch and blocked all local addresses from A+ except my Ipad with the Remote. Also left nettop active and currently testing to see if this helps. BTW, the device that was trying to access A+ was my TIVO Wifi Dongle - not sure why.

Same here. Remote loses connection with Windows 10 computer and I have to restart Audirvana to reconnect.

SOLVED: I believe I solved my issue of randomly loosing my remotes connection to my A+ server. I moved my server’s ethernet connection from WiFi to wired enthernet and haven’t had any remote connection issues for over 4 days now. Will continue testing this and if anything changes will post updates.

If you are running the Remote on iPad, try disable the sleep function i.e. keep screen always on. This may keep the connection for 2-3 hours.