Realtime control to better be switched off?

In Audirvāna’s latest YT video I am told that »For optimal playback sound quality« the Realtime control of the Audio units effects section should be switched off. Would someone please confirm if this makes a noticeable difference or not?

I was using Audirvāna all the time (years!) with the Realtime control switched on. Should I be prepared now for some sort of »listening shock«?

Hi @Audi100

Maybe not a shock but in my system when Realtime is on I get very bad interference after a few tracks.

I used a Sonieq Pro plugin for a little adjustment to bottom end.

Since I’ve reverted to AppleAUGraphicEQ with realtime off I have no problems and fab sound.

It’s a small nuscence because I do need to flatten the EQ when playing jazz but that is not often.


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So maybe it only depends on the given effects VST if there will be a noticeable difference or not.

Trial and trial and trial I predict. At least that’s my operating principle.

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