Receiver only recognizes Audirvana as a server

Not sure how to explain. Have Mac Pro Book, Yamaha RX-A4A receiver. The Mac Pro book is connected to the receiver which outputs the video source to the Big TV. So essentially I can select PC on my receiver and have my screen mirrored. Watch movies from hard drives, Stream, etc. it all works flawlessly because the laptop screen is too small and this way I can do everything on the TV.

When I watch videos everything works fine. The minute I start using Audirvana it triggers my receiver to switch to “Server” and my screen is no longer mirrored and the only thing on the TV screen is a giant music player control without the ability to pull up the library or essentially do anything else. I still have to do everything on the laptop but I have to get up and hunch over it and try reading it.

It could be a dealbreaker for this software which is a shame because it’s the best sound I’ve ever heard from my system but this is s severe limitation. Hoping someone has some suggestions.

Don’t know about the server thing but if you see this instead of your library, maybe playing is too big for your window tv screen size??

not even related to my question. Not sure what you are referring to? Seeing the library isn’t the problem it’s on the Mac. I want to see it on my second monitor.

If you click on ‘window’ in the menu bar at top of audirvana, you will see the option to "move to — ( whatever your external screen is called. )
But… this may only work if your external monitor is directly connected to your mac.

Mine is and works flawlessly.

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The problem with this is who wants to stream high quality music through TV speakers. To connect it directly to the TV negates my 1600.00 stereo receiver and 7 high quality elac speakers.

eARC is not practical?

My Mac mini was best hooked to the television directly and toslink back into the Denon AVR, older television without eARC

putting audirvāna app on second monitor doesn’t change the audio settings, no matter how much your system costs.

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