"Recently added" - options?

Here is screenshoot from 3.5:
I am missing this option in Origin. Because sometimes I would like to see all the music I placed in my music folder in let’s say 7, 15, 30 days, or 45 days…
Anyone found these options within Origin or they are omitted on purpose?

I got so used to the new Audirvana Origin that I bought it and do not regret my puchase. We should support projects like this… Come on this s a cost of cheap audio cable we all have in our drawers…

There is a recently edit playlist by default in Origin:


It should be there, but if you deleted it by accident, you can always recreate a ‘recently added’ playlist yourself by creating a new ‘auto playlist’.

If you have opened the ‘recently added’ playlist you can click on the filter (looks like a funnel) icon in the picture below:

After clicking on the funnel you see a screen where you can change your filter options. You can also move and resize that screen to any place you want and close it when not needed anymore:

You can add new playlists by clicking the ‘+’ next to ‘My playlists’.
You can edit/remove/export playlists by clicking ‘Edit playlists’ in the top of the screen:

When you hoover your mouse cursor over all the different icons in Origin a help message will pop up with a short description. I encourage you to explore this and click on all the icons in Origin you encounter to discover where everything is.

You also can take a short tour of Origin by going to settings\Appearance:

Thx but I was refereing to:

Recenly Aded folder in Library list.

I also think that there is some 1 cm of space wasted on the far left of the screen in full screen mode. Both My Music and Library icons and lists could be moved app 1 cm to the left… And then there could be a posibility to have folders expanded under My Music folders, or Library folders…

I tried adding a new folder under My Playlists but I do not find Added Date filter for that folder?

not sure to fully understand what you want, but here is my guess…
Making a recently added albums of last 21 days Smart Playlist

It’s there but not in some logical way. It’s under My Playlists in edit mode, but when I close edit window Recently Added is beeing shown in Library list…

where Zadnje is Recently Added (croatian translation) as transfered from my old Audirvana 3.5 on istalation of Origin, and here is picture of Library folders:

This is the folder in Library list that is not editable with filter Added Date,


you can remove that not editable playlist and create yours, like mine