Recently Purchased Cross Platform Conversion Version

I recently purchased the cross platform conversion version. I may or may not use it for a while, but my point is that I haven’t downloaded Audirvana in a few years, at least, and had updated versions on each of the two competing operating systems. (Unfortunately I no longer have the latest license on one of my relatively modern Mac computers, the one I loved the most.)
Anyway, I do have, however, a clean mac with 10.10.5 on it. Questions:

  1. Can I install Audirvana on it at all as it is?
  2. If not, then is it possible to make an update stop at 10.11?
  3. I will still have to install my ‘mail’ account on it, right? As it is now, it is as minimal and basic and empty as can be and I want it to stay that way if possible. Any thoughts, suggestions please.

Hello @rmillet,

If you can’t have MacOS 10.11 on your Mac then you won’t be able to use Audirvana 3.5 on it.

Thank You. Will update.