Recomendation for convultion engine with FIR filters that works well with Audirvana

I am working on my tune and it looks like I will need this. Can someone point me to one that is powerful in the FIR filter area?

This may be what you are looking for… Several Audirvana users are employing this plug-in:

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“The reality is that your room is in control of bass frequencies not your loudspeakers.”

Not in my room. My speakers will blow the walls down if they don’t behave!

A 50Hz Sine Wave is approximately 6.5 meters (approximately 21 feet) peak-to-peak… What you get in your room is a partial of that wave energy, unless you are sitting at that distance from the speakers… It’s the primary reason you must crank-up the volume to equalize the energy… and this unleashes a whole host of acoustic problems in the listening environment. :wink:

Mitch Barnett at Hang Loose Convolver (HLC) - Accurate Sound has a very nice convolver… I use it with Audirvana and FIR filters for room correction… Mitch is a very nice guy to work with… I highly recommend him and his products…

You might also look into this A comparison of convolution engines | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum

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But strangely, it doesn’t. Unless you count stuff falling off shelves.

There is an off switch for that on the back of your amp… :sunglasses:

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Ah, yes, the falling off shelf switch… forgot that!

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Most manufactures mislabel it as Power…

Ah, my power switch is on the front of my amp. And it’s actually stuff falling of my neighbours shelf that’s the issue.

Best upgrade to 5.0 acreage… :+1:

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