Recommend me a cable for DAC

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This text under is from my DAC manual…

I2S Input
The W4S DAC‐2 DSD is equipped with a balanced I2S connection via HDMI. Please note that the DAC will NOT offer playback from typical HDMI output connectors found on many DVD players (or similar devices), and damage can occur if connected to such. The HDMI connector was used for speed, noise rejection, and signal purity. Within the connection, there are balanced versions of the I2S interface that offer superior connectivity to any source which can output the signal.

i always have trouble playing upsampled tracks through Audirvana the 352/384 of my DAC, it doesn’t lock the signal… but in the back of my DAC, it as a sticker that show USB async 192… So maybe, it cannot play at 352/384 with usb… but yes it plays, but mostly is doesn’t lock the signal fast enough, so it jump a bit in the beginning of the song, then finally get stable.

but as written above, the i2s cable might be the best for me trying to upsample PCM to the max of my DAC…

I HAVE NO TROUBLE upsampling to DSD128 it plays alright always… but Audirvana took too much ressources compare to HQPlayer… going to 300% of CPU then to mostly zero, but i don’t like the 300 percent at the beginning of each track…

Long text…

My goal here was to buy a i2s cable to HDMI, like it says in the text above, it cannot be a regular TV HDMI cable. Can someone with good knowledge send me a Amazon link or elsewhere to a cable like 50$ to 100$ that will works as i2s from my DAC, to my MacMini HDMI, or it is not possible in a MacMini?

They are saying do NOT connect to a standard HDMI output, they are just using a hdmi cable connector I believe. I’m thinking that you don’t want to use the HDMI port from your mini. @Cloclo or @Jud might know for sure, i have never used this myself but my understanding is that a standard HDMI cable can be used but only between an appropriate device. @Reynaldo what do you know about this?

Holo Red Streamer with i2s output

Sorry, no experience with I2S/HDMI, so don’t know for sure. @OffRode 's take on this sounds right, though. Perhaps send an email to W4S’s customer service?


@RunHomeSlow ,
@OffRode is right. Do not connect the HDMI port of your Mini to the I2S port of your DAC.
These ports are completely different, though they both have HDMI connectors.
If you want to use the I2S port of your DAC, you need a source that outputs I2S, a DDC or a network player, like the Holo Red for which @OffRode posted a picture.


Thank you all for answers. Is there a i2s cable from dac to usb port of macmini?

The HDMI port of the Mini does not output an I2S sound. You can not, and should not, connect it to the I2S port of your DAC.

No cable exist for Mac mini or ‘dongle’ that do the same? Or a smart thing between the two :grinning:

I will say it in French to make you understand.
Ce n’est pas un problème de câble. Les deux ports sont complètement différents, bien qu’ils aient un connecteur HDMI tous les deux.

If you want to connect your Mini to the I2S port of your DAC, you need a device like this:

You will connect the Mini to the DDC with a USB cable, and the DDC to the I2S port of the DAC with a HDMI cable.

Merci @Cloclo c’est ça que je voulais savoir… si un truc exist pas trop cher pour que je test l’upsampling a 352/384 en PCM sur mon DAC qui ne saute pas en USB :grinning:

Vais regarder ce truc plus près tantôt :grinning:


Il y a seulement un autre point de compatibilité à vérifier avant d’acheter une interface numérique.

Différents fabricants utilisent des connectiques I2S différentes, parce qu’il n’y a pas de norme généralisée pour la connectique I2S, bien que le connecteur soit HDMI.

Alors avant d’acheter une interface numérique, vous devez vous assurer que sa sortie I2S est compatible avec l’entrée I2S de votre DAC.
Si vous vous adressez à un fournisseur comme Audiophonics pour passer commande, il faut lui demander si l’I2S de ce modèle d’interface est compatible avec l’entrée I2S du modèle de votre DAC.


Any HDMI cable can be used to connect the i2s.
But you will need an interface compatible with your DAC.
Usually in DACs, the same specification as USB is from i2s.

I’ve already used i2s and I practically didn’t notice any difference to USB, besides having to place another device between the computer and the DAC.

This is from the current user manual for the DAC-2v2 Series DAC-2v2 & DAC-2v2SE

I2S Type

The DAC-2v2 series is equipped with a balanced I2S connection via HDMI. The I2S Type setting adjusts the signal timing alignment based on what you connect. It will be obvious if the this is set improperly (very distorted sound). Please note, I2S is NOT a ‘typical’ A/V HDMI connection and is incompatible with DVD players, game consoles, TVs, etc. The corresponding source must also be specifically I2S equipped.

DAC-2v2 Series DAC-2v2 & DAC-2v2SE


The DAC-2v2SE provides for two types of i²S connection configurations… Your best approach is to contact Wyred 4 Sound about how to implement i²S and the pin-out configurations.

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thank you @Agoldnear i wish i had this version but mine is older than that and cheaper :slight_smile:

here is my manual:

Thank you also @Reynaldo
My goal is just to test the i2s to see if i can upsample to the max of my dac 352/384 in pcm as i cannot have a stable 352/384 with usb… appart that my DAC is rock solid and i love the sound of my bought used sound system :slight_smile:

Since i can use the regular HDMI cable that i have already in pretty good quality… at the time i thought i was being robbed for paying like 80$ CAN for a HDMI cable… might be a good investment finally :slight_smile:

i think i will buy the @Cloclo link as i can found it on Amazon for 80$ CAN shipped in 2 days :wink:

Oups, i clicked on Amazon :slight_smile:
92$ CAN tx included and shipped tomorrow… :slight_smile:

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Now find out which mode your DAC is setup for.

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yes thanks, i saw that earlier on the site… will test :slight_smile:

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Use a very short HDMI cable if you are going in this direction… i²S has no error-correction. :wink:

I also bought this interface.
I’ll leave it here if I need another output on the computer other than USB.


Only Ethernet has errors’ correction.
USB and SPDIF have only errors’ detection.