Recommendation vst3 parametric equalization plugin

Hello everyone, first of all, I apologize for my poor level of English (blessed translators).
I have Audirvana installed on a windows 11 pc

I’m trying to find a parametric equalizer if possible to use with Audirvana, but I’m pretty lost, I only read about the famous fabfilter pro-q 3 but I see its price is crazy (about €200).

Basically what I want is to lower the bass a bit and a few other things. Any recommendation?

The truth is that it would be perfect if Audirvana included one of the series as it does roon.

I appreciate any suggestion. Thanks.

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You do not specify which platform you use.
If you use an apple computer, there is a simple parametric equaliser amongst the Apple plugins.
It might just be enough for your needs.

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First of all, thanks for replying. Sorry, I thought it was at the level of Audirvana and that it was not relevant.
I have Audirvana installed on a windows 11 pc, although I usually listen via upnp on a denon 4500.

Somebody with knownlegde on that… EQ
suggested me at the time, those 2 free ones
Mac and PC:

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Here’s another free one. I haven’t checked sonic quality, but having six parametric bands is nice.


This is a good tool:

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Thank you very much, sorry for the delay in responding, I’ve been very busy. So I’m trying them right now. Thanks.

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