Recommended audio settings on MacOS

I’m trying to get best the sound quality out of Mac M1 mini and a USB dongle DAC/amp. There are quite a few settings and it’s a bit exhausting trying to go through them one by one and do A/B testing, not to mention how they interact in combinations. So I thought I’d ask for best practice recommendations here.

Note that I want to use PEQ plugin for my headphone. Currently, I have:

  • max buffer: 3GB
  • no upsampling, no volume leveling

for DAC input

  • direct USB access, integer mode, large coreaudio i/o buffer all enabled
  • no autodetect MQA. native DSD streaming: none (convert to PCM)
  • max sample rate: none. additional latency: none. disable bitdepth max of 24bit

Anything I should change?


PS: my source is Tidal hires plan