Recommended tenderer/streamer

Hello all. New to streaming is there any consensus on a preferred streamer to use with 3.5. It seems that the raspberry pi is problematic for a few so looking for options

Anyone with experience with the micro Rendu or the bluesound node ?

I know there are Lots of high end players here such as lumin or aurleic bit the prices are pretty steep on those

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Hello Kbuzz

I’ve just bought a SOtM SMS-200 Neo, few weeks now, and I can say that it works wonderfully with Audirvana.
It is an all new world … I didn’t think the improvement would be so obvious … more definition, tighter bass, great presence and greater soundstage. I’ve never had a mRendu then I cannot compare them, there are lovers of both

… and the price is very affordable

Hope this can help


sorry to be that late, but mRendu works fine with Audirvana/Qobuz.
That said there are still issues but its getting better and better…