Recomputing replay gain when new track added to existing album?


I have a minor issue with Audirvana Origin. I already computed the replay gain of an album, but in the meantime I added the Continuous mix at the end of it (I mean I added a track to an existing album).

The problem is that in the replay gain window, this album doesn’t appear anymore as it was already computed before.

Any way to force recomputing the replay gain of an album?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Pierre,

Good question, the only answer i see is to remove and re add the album from your drive :wink:

Thanks for your help.

I tried removing the album, rescanning the library, then put back the album, rescanning again, and still… the album didn’t show up on the replay gain window.

I guess Audirvana see that all but one songs already have replay gain infos and decides that it is ok, even if the last newly added song doesn’t have replay gain yet.

Click that album to see the tracks or just click that track to select it, put the info panel and go to the third tab there and recompute that song or all album again.

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Thanks so much RunHomeSlow. It works well! This Replay gain button is kinda hidden!