Recurrent library issues

Hi all, been using Audirvana 3.5.50 on macos 12.7.4 for a while now.
Usually, everything goes well regarding adding albums to monitored folders, and Audirvana picks it up during the next scan.

Every now and then, I get an issue, and it’s impossible to solve, and requires hours of playing around (namely, can’t delete empty albums)

Specifically this issue involved me adding a album to my monitored folders. It contains FLAC in 24-96

I opened Audirvana after adding the album and did a scan. It detected the album, but no tracks. Weird. I attempted to change the metadata so that there are no special characters, etc., even converted the FLAC to FLAC again using XLD. Still no tracks

OK, so I want to delete that folder and try again. I can of course delete the folder in MacOS, but cannot delete it in Audirvana. It is an empty album without any tracks. When I try to delete the album in audirvana, nothing happens. no error message. it just stays there. And most of the time the delete is greyed out.

So I’m stuck with a ghost album without any tracks that I’m not able to delete, and there is no folder associated it because it was deleted in macos.

Its sooo frustrating having to contemplate deleting the database, starting over, backing up preferences and playlists, all because I attempted to add 1 album to my library.

I would welcome any help in this matter. I do love Audirvana but if trying to add 1 album destroys the software, and there is no “undo” , no fix, nothing but drastically deleting everything and starting over…