Refining the import of a backup (playlists)

Recently I had the use my backup to restore my playlists. Happy to have one :smiley:
Worked fine, thank you.

I propose 2 refinemants:
Audirvana adds the playlists to the existing playlists, so we have 2 versions of the same playlist – the old destroyed one an the correct one from my backup.
Wouldn’t be better, if Audirvana replaces / overwrites the old playlists, because I only want the backuped version? That’s what Audirvana asks me before I apply the backup.

Would it be possible to integrate in the backup wether the playlists should be shown in Album or List View. At the moment, list view is activated in the backup, so we have to change that for every playlist, we want to see in Album view.

Thank you @Antoine for having a look at it.