Refund purchase

I recently purchased a subscription, (April 9th) less than 45 days later, that product is end of lifed.
How do I get my money back?

Thank you


Not so much as a reply despite being obviously active elsewhere.
At no point in the development cycle of the new product was it thought to stop selling lifetime membership for a product you had already set to bitrot.

The new product crashed when I loaded it, and the few files it did touch it changed the md5sums on because, YOU know my needs better than I.

I now understand your integrity sells for $96.

I would have held out for more personally.

You may want to convert it into subscription at a discount, or stick with it if you don’t like subscriptions. It’s going to work for years to come.

Still if you don’t like any if the options above, write to

Hello @MamaTried,

First of all Audirvana is not a subscription, it’s a license you have purchased and you will still be able to use it without a limit of time. If your worry was about not being able to access to 3.5 anymore, this will not be the case.

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Hey thanks, a week after I asked I get licensing mansplained to me.

Feel free to make sure I removed my authorization properly. Betting I did.

Let the bit rot begin.

Thank you for your time.

And again, I appreciate your input.
Have a great day.

How long do you anticipate supporting 3.5?

To be fair, he also paid the $96 with expectation of some future maintenance/bug fix updates.

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