Reinstall after uninstall

Revoked the license, reinstalled Widows, and now I have to wait 24 hours to enter the license key? This is bullying, I think.

It‘s torture, I know. Since it’s a discontinued product it’s pointless complaining. With Audirvana Studio you don’t have to wait.

ok thanks for the support. Strange policy, excellent product and strange conditions of support

With Audirvana 3.5 someone with Audirvana has to revoke your license manually in the database on their side and that can take a maximum of 24 hours. So it is not a ‘condition of support’ or ‘bullying’. It is a technical limitation. Why on earth would Audirvana support want to bully a customer?

With Audirvana Studio this proces is automated (basically you log in in your account).

Read the posts below. I was wrong. It seems to be an anti-abuse measure.

If you deactivate the installation, it’s not manual process. It’s anti abuse measure.

Yes, but I always thought that with 3.5 it has to be done manually by support? (They simply get a signal if you revoke your license in Audirvana ?). Hence lots of posts in this forum with ‘to many licenses’? After that someone of Audirvana support has to reset the licenses in the database manually.
Correct me if I am wrong.

I stand corrected.

You need manual intervention by the support only if you didn’t deactivate licenses on old installations and you used up both activations available.


our discussion has expanded. The topic is very specific, but I, as a neophyte, have already received an answer and am waiting for 24 hours, as promised. I have only one computer with an Audirvanaa license and I just wanted to roll Windows 11, but I failed, rolled back to ten and … I’m waiting 24 hours)))) Thank you all for your participation

Exactly 24 hours later, I got access back. This is some kind of pedantry))). It’s good that everything ends well

Not hoping that audirvana would return experimented with HQplayer. Audirvana has a more correct sound for my taste

This is not an advertisement)))

Well, let’s say you lost your laptop and suspended the license from another device. then activated on another laptop. For example, this logi

For example, this logic
Например, этот лог.