Reinstalling a deleted album

I’ve been using the trial version of Origin for a little while and, in the main, I’m impressed with it. Recently I attempted to play an album and saw that Audirvana was trying to load it but was obviously having difficulty. After waiting for some considerable time, I felt it wasn’t going to be successful and I thought maybe some file corruption had occurred so I decided to delete the three tracks involved and now they are well and truly gone.

I have subsequently looked at the three files and think the problem might be that they all have extremely long file names that may need to be shortened for Audirvana to accept them.

Is there any way I can eventually reinstall that album on its own again, in a similar manner to that for Audirvana 3.5?

Finally, I like the ‘Track Frequency Response’ utility but have noticed that it does not seem to work with DSD files. Is that correct, and if so, is there a plan to make DSD plots available in the future? I have to say that some of the PCM plots I’ve looked at show extraordinary frequency characteristics and I wonder how the recordings could have been messed up so badly. Some have big ultrasonic spikes too.

I have been considering that long file name situation and it might be a Windows issue after all. I had forgotten that when I originally attempted to unzip it, the inbuilt extracter in Windows 10 reported that the files were too long but I was able to unzip them using another app. I will still shorten them all to be on the safe side. My original question about reinstalling the modified album back into the Origin library will still stand, of course.

Hello @Johnno,

If you want to check if a track can be played properly before you sync it with Audirvāna Origin, you can drag and drop it in the play queue of Audirvāna Origin. If those tracks are working properly, you can put them in your synchronize folder or synchronize a new fodler and they shoudl show up in Audirvāna Origin.

Thanks, Antoine. I’ll have to check out that option as I wasn’t aware of it before.

I have been doing more experiments and I’ve found that the album won’t play in Audirvana 3.5 either but it plays without difficulty in a program I’ve used before I discovered Audirvana. I have also found that I hadn’t tagged the album and wondered if that might have made a difference (it certainly does in the older program) but it hasn’t in either version of Audirvana. I must also add that I wasn’t able to shorten the file names; for as soon as I deleted a section of the name in the first track and pressed the Enter key, what I had removed was immediately restored. However, those long file names have obviously been accepted by the other program. I know this is beginning to get rather confusing.

I must apologise as my reply might seem to be at odds with the original query. I have neglected to mention that the album has reappeared in the Audirvana Origin library after I deleted it but it is now in a different position to the one it occupied before. I’m not sure why that has happened as I haven’t changed the sorting option. (Before it appeared under artist order, now it appears under album title order so I was continuing to look for it in the wrong place - and I have a pretty large library in Origin, with duplicate entries that I must delete) . I hope this clears up any confusion that might have arisen.