Remaining trial period not added to end subscription date

I have subscribed to Audirvana Studio. My trial period was until 16-june-2021. On 29th of may I decided to take a one year subscription, but the remaining time for my trial period was not added to the end date. Now Audirvana displays a due date of 29 May 2022 where I would expect a due date of 16 June 2022.


So basically Audirvana took 2 weeks of trial from me.

When I subscribed to Roon they where so friendly (and they also mentioned it) to add my remaining trial period to the end date of my subscription. I also assumed this is normal business practice.

Has anybody else subscribing had this same experience?

I am not going to make a capital case about 2 weeks, but basically I feel a bit punished for subscribing before my trial period ended. A simple gesture to correct that would go a long way in the ‘customer friendly’ department.

So my question is:
@Damien3 is it normal that the remaining trial period is not added to the subscription?

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I have to agree did the same to
Me but they did give me 1.5 years free because so I bought 3.5 at the end April. No big deal but …

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Well that is a nice gesture.

Yeah same issue here. Subscribed halfway through the trial and my next due date is 28 May 2022.

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18months free is a very nice gesture. However, I have to say I’ve been a purchaser for ten years and all I got was $20 off first year of subscription.

I was expecting a loyalty and beta-testing offer.

I’m very happy to subscribe. I did for a year before trial period ended. Just sayin’.

Your paid one year subscription starts the day you buy it. Your trial is over.

A trial simply means you are trying out the program for free to see if you like it. You subscribed because you liked it, obviously. So, no need for the trial any more, you ended it when you subscribed.

In my case, I am waiting for the Remote App 14 day trial extension to make the decision. Look for my post Audirvana Studio Trial Extension for the details. Damien agreed to it.

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Thanks @Jim_F

I appreciate the comment. Usually, most subscriptions allow you to complete the trial period, then begin the subscription. It’s a kind of brand loyalty, expression of alore iation thing which is quite further boosting of brand loyalty. It’s a nice gesture I think.

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Your definition of a trial period differs from mine. Also most of the other subscriptions based companies think different about a trial period than you do. Ultimately I started this topic to ask @Damien3 about this, but still did not receive an answer yet.

As @philipjohnson also mentioned: Most subscriptions I have (including Roon) allow subscribers to complete the trial period. I did not even have to ask for it, it happened automatically. I was just wondering why Audirvana does not do that. A customer shows his loyalty by subscribing a bit earlier.
It costs Audirvana nothing (because I could have waited until the end of my trial period before subscribing) and it is also a nice gesture towards the customer.


I’ve been wondering about this as well. All the other subs I’ve had in the past and present only started charging after the trial period ended.


Your definition of a trial period differs from other subscription based companies like Roon. So I think it is reasonable to ask why Audirvana deviates from other companies in this respect. I started this topic mainly to hear what the official (@Damien3) answer is and to hear if this happened to others too.