Remember place in Tidal artist list when clicking "back" button

I love Audirvana so far. But there’s one thing that really kills it for me. I subscribe to Tidal and am using Audirvana exclusively for Tidal Hifi.

You scroll down through the list of Tidal artists, then click on an artist. When you click the back button, you are taken to the top of the list of Tidal artists instead of back to where you were in the list where the artist is that you clicked on. This is beyond frustrating when browsing my artists, to be constantly taken back to the beginning of the list.

Please remember the user’s place in the list, and go back to that place in the list when hitting the back button.

thank you
Otherwise I’m sorry I can’t use this software even though it does so much better than the Tidal app.

Any word from the Audirvana team on fixing this in a future update?

The issue you have will be fixed, not only for the artist in Tidal but for Audirvana in General in a future update of Audirvana.

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Great! Unfortunately, I’m on a 30 day trial right now, and Audirvana is not usable to me with this problem. So I will have to wait until you fix it. Do you know how long until that will be or how I can find out without being a member?

I’m sorry but we don’t have an ETA about it.

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