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I have a license to Audirvana 3.5 for windows. I am trying the 30-day free Audirvana Studio trial. Running Windows 10 dedicated server (8 Mb) connected to single hard drive with music files, and wifi or ethernet connection to Tidal. The sound is better than Tidal alone or even 3.5. Great on that. Two issues. I cannot resize the window as Audirvana Studio is a little too wide on my 1024x768 screen. If I go full screen I cannot see the X to close window and have to use task manager to kill it, reboot, and then it defaults to a window I can at least drag to use each side of the program selections.

Second issue is more serious. Audirvana remote (android) will not connect reliably. If I reboot both phone and server I can sometimes get connection. Sometimes I have to uninstall app on android phone and reinstall and that will connect. Windows 10 firewall has given full permission to Audirvana Studio for connection. I have triple checked that. I need remote to work to control server. Both Android phone are on same wifi network. I have triple checked that. Both on the 5 GHz band. What can be done?

Don’t know about the window size and resolution. You might need higher resolution monitor.

As for the Audirvana Remote connectivity, restart the router and make sure the firewall is disabled (Audirvana can accept inbound connections).

Hi. Restarting router made connection more reliable, thanks. I love the sound, and the remote app is quite useable. I guess I have to live with the window problem as I just use the old monitor to check on the status of that server. I don’t wish to buy another monitor. Very odd that windows will not allow re-sizing of the window at all…

Actually, while it is better, it still stops communicating at times. Usually you have to uninstall app on android phone and reinstall and that fixes it. Very odd. It also loses connection at times. Firewall on server allows studio full access. Not sure what else to try…?

I am certainly not an Android expert. But I have read experiences on the forum of users where it works stable if they only have the WiFi active and not via the telephone network. Some phones/Android have this problem, others don’t. You could try and see if it works stable without the phone network active.

Thanks. l could try that, but my cell phone is my only phone. If I turn off the cell connection… no phone. We have a tablet, but is away with my wife for a few days. I will try loading app onto it and see if that works I suppose

Hi dls123,
Which Android version is installed on your phone(s)?

I do have the very same problem as you have with my old(er) Samsung Tab S2 8" which is working with Android 7.0
No problems at all with phones from Samsung like S7edge, S8, S9, S10+ which have at least Android 8 or higher on board!!!
I believe that Andoid 7 or lower Android version is not stable enough to keep a stable WiFi connection which block it to work properly.
There have been reports which mosr of the time show a phone or tablet wirking with an older Android version as Android 8.0 Android above.

Untill now there is not a silution for my Samsung tablet Android Android updates are out of the question.

So of you have an older phone with Android 7 or losers…try another phone to get it working.

android 11. There may be an app on the phone that is interfering. I have killed it and it seems better.

The window thing is still a pain. You would think an app could behave under windows 10 with a 1024x768 monitor. It is ok as long as you don’t inadvertantly hit the full size icon. Then you cannot drag the window to see the other side, nor can you hit the X to close it because it is off the right side of the screen. You can use task manager to kill it, and usually studio will come up as a regular window and not full size, but sometimes it will restart as full size. There is a windows display setting for display windows side by side and that usually forces studio back into a smaller window. Still too wide, but you can drag and get to all parts of the program you want to control. If this could be fixed, then the program seems stable. Sound is very good, no complaints there.

If you want to share it, which app do you suspect of the interference? And does it still seem to help?

It is an obscure app called netguard. It blocks internet access so that apps with ads are forced to use their internal ones and not load big internet video ads, etc… You can allow all your other programs internet access and of course I gave audirvana remote full access, but somehow the netguard app is probably setting up some sort of vpn or something that interferes with the remote app seeing studio through the network. Disabling netguard seems to make remote much more reliable. It pretty much comes up every time now.

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Thanks for the info! Maybe it can help other users who have similar problems and use a VPN app.

Seeking to duplicate your issue I changed my screen resolution to 1024 x 768 with Studio open. You can only resize the mini player North and South to a certain degree smaller. East and West can only be made wider. Not smaller. Double-clicking the banner of Studio from its max state allows you to manipulate the screen a wee bit. Not unreasonable. It still works and, most importantly, plays.

Thanks. The main thing is you can get out of the full screen mode that way so you can drag the window around and use it all. East and West is most important, and of course that is the dimension you cannot change. Oh well. One would think an old 1024x768 monitor would be adequate for controlling a music server… Alas 'tis not

I tested it too on a screen changed to 1024x768 and at least Audirvana still runs.
I tried Roon as well and it won’t run at all on that screen. It will flatout refuse to start with a message like ‘Your screen is too small’.

On my Android tablet (1920x1080) Roon will run, but even there it complains about the size of the screen when starting up.

Modern times, modern times… :grinning:

Thanks for that experiment. Nice to know. I can find another old used monitor that will do higher resolution I am sure.

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