Remote Android App now not working?

Need a hand from someone. I’ve been using Audirvana for a year or so and today when I pulled up my android remote version I received a message stating “This app is not licensed, visit Play store”. How does that happen after I used it a long time? I haven’t used the remote version on my phone in a few months…does it expire by itself? Will I be able to reinstall?

Edit…I updated my desktop version, then remote worked for a minute or so then flashed up unlicensed again. Why? I only have it on my one laptop and one phone?

Hello @Paul_Collie, can you check if you are properly connected on the Play Store?

Yes, am connected. Both at 5GHz. Same Router…
Play store is active and working for me to download new apps.

Does the message you get from the app happen every time you open it?

Yes, Every time it tells me it is unlicensed and to visit the Play Store.

Can you check if you have an update of the Remote app in the Play Store?

It only offers Open or Uninstall option in my play store list. No update option

Should I uninstall and reinstall the app? Will my license still be good?

You can try doing this, your license key of Audirvana will not be affected by this as the Remote is free.