Remote app crashes

All of a sudden the remote app crashes whenever trying to connect with my laptop. Android states that there is a bug in the app, and developer has to fix it first before trying again.
Cleared cache (that was the first suggestion by Android) to no avail.
Deleted and restarted app. Same crash.
Then restarted computer and Audirvãna. Again to no avail.
Disconnected the remote in Audirvãna, and tried again. Got a pairing code, entered the digits and then the app crashed again.
That’s when Android stated that devs need to fix the bug first.

Anyone else having this trouble? Windows 10 laptop btw.

Hi @Amarok1969,

Which version of Android are you using? Are you using the very last version of the Beta of the Remote?

Android 13, One UI 5.1 by Samsung, security patch nov 23.

Problem started quite soon after upgrading Studio to 2.6.3 but I also saw the Windows laptop receiving an update.
Firewall is disabled (although Audirvãna still states it is enabled).
And afaik I am using the latest version of the bèta app: 4.3.0

The app crashes at the moment of connecting, and then Android OS states that there’s a bug in the app.

I will install the security patch on our Samsung tablet to be on the same version as yours before coming back to you about this.

hi @Amarok1969,

Do you have the setting “Ask for a pairing code on first connection enabled”?

Yes, I have. When I use the code, the app will try to connect and then it crashes

Deleted Audirvãna from my laptop, reinstalled and now the connection with bèta remote works again.

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