Remote App for Windows/Mac?

Now that there are beta versions of Audirvana Server for NAS and Linux I think it would great if a remote app could become available for Windows, Mac,and Linux desktops.

Often I’ll go onto my desktop computer and open up Audirvana Studio, forgetting I have server running on Synology, and Audirvana wants a login to run the desktop as the “server”.

A separate remote for playback from NAS installed AS to desktop output would be ideal.


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You should be able to install Audirvana Remote on any Mac Mx


Yes, this works fine on my MacBook Air M2. You can install the MacOS Openhome Player also to stream to the Mac.

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Good to know for Mac at least. I’m needing one for Windows 11.

Android version? Doesn’t windows have Android emulation?

Via a 3rd party emulator yes, which I don’t want to do.

Same as MacOS, which is using the iOS/iPad app rather than native. Agree that a PC/MAC app (or maybe web interface) would be nice to have.

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What is the point of this comment?